Report a Concern

1. Contact us directly

Concerns or issues can be reported directly to us over the phone, via email, by mail or in person.

See our contact details here. 


2. Use Snap Send Solve

Reporting local issues is now a SNAP.  The Snap Send Solve platform is the easiest and most efficient way of notifying Council of non-urgent issues that need addressing in our community. 

You can either report an issue via an app on your smartphone or via the website on your computer.

Using a computer: Go to
Via a smart phone: Download the app to your smartphone:
To report an issue in Snap Send Solve:
1. Select your location
2. Select the Incident Type
3. Take a photo of the issue
4. Fill out notes and any additional fields
5. Send report

For urgent issues please contact 1300 345 345.