Food Safety Complaints

Local councils inspect most types of retail food business and take food safety complaints about them.

Complaint Types 

  • Suspected food poisoning
  • Unhygienic or incorrect food handling, storage. transport or preparation
  • Foreign matter in food 
  • Allergens not listed in ingredients 
  • Misleading or incomplete labeling
  • Spoilage 
  • Unsuitable or unsafe ingredients
  • Unlicensed sale or serving of food


Council may not be able to investigate complaints where:

  • They are not about the sale of food
  • Insufficient detail is provided
  • They are vengeful and not in good faith 


To lodge a complaint 

Complaints should be lodged in writing. The author should provide a name and contact details so that Officers may seek additional information.

Complaints can be emailed to, posted or dropped into one of our offices.

See our contact details here.