Structures within the Pool Area

1. Access and Restrictions

  • A child-resistant barrier is required to separate a residential building from the pool structure.
  • Pools must be separated from residential buildings - this includes being separate from a detached or attached garage, laundry, shed, boat shed, clothes line or any structure not solely associated to the pool.
  • Taking these measures reduces the frequency of entering/ leaving the pool. In other words the enclosed pool area is only to be accessed for pool use and not as an access way to other structures.
  • Access to the residence from the street, waterfront or other public place is to be outside the pool enclosure and not through the pool area.
  • Toilets, showers, change rooms, cooking and food storage facilities are to be accessed outside the pool enclosure.


2. Allowed pool structures 

Provided these structures are solely associated with pool operation/use, they are allowed. Their size needs to be in keeping with the size of the pool.


  • Sheds used to contain pool filter equipment, pool chemicals, filtration equipment etc.
  • Free standing pergolas, cabanas and small shade structures, pool furniture etc.
  • If you are unsure about a planned structure within your enclosed pool area please contact Council's Environmental Services Division.


3. Exemptions/Variances

Some pools contain exemptions in relation to structures and how structures are to be separated from the pool area.