Exempt Development

Many types of home renovations and minor building projects don't need approval from a Council or accredited certifier. This is called exempt development. As long as the building project meets specific standards and land requirements no planning or building approval is needed. 

The standard you must comply with for most complying development works are in the State policy for exempt and complying development. The policy can be viewed at the NSW Legislation website. 

Before you plan any renovations or building work, it's a good idea to check with your local Council which planning controls apply to your property.

Certain properties and areas may have different or additional rules that apply to building and renovations, including those:

• In conservation areas

• Listed as a heritage building

• Listed on the State Heritage Register

• In or near a site containing contaminated land

• In or near a bush fire prone area

• Where road widening is planned

• In an area affected by flood

The overarching frameworks that guide future development in these areas mean properties may have different or additional planning rules to other areas of the State.

A s149 Planning Certificate is a legal document, issued by local Councils, that details the zoning and applicable rules for development of your property. It also identifies whether or not complying development can be carried out on the property

For further information please see The Department of Planning & Environment - Planning Portal 

Note: The above information has been extracted from The Department of Planning & Environment - NSW Planning Portal