Mapping and Planning Information

You can find out planning information in a number of ways.


Use the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s  ePlanning Spatial Viewer  available through the NSW Planning Portal to find planning information on a specific parcel of land, such as zone, minimum lot size, and constraints that might affect your land like flooding or bushfire.

Planning Certificates

A zoning certificate or planning certificate is officially called a section 10.7 certificate (formerly section 149 certificate). The Certificate will provide you with information that Snowy Monaro Regional Council has on file about planning controls and other property issues that affect a piece of land. There are two types of Section 10.7 certificates available from Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

A Section 10.7(2) certificate shows the zoning of the property, its relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property issues such as land contamination and if the property is subject to flood related development controls.

A Section 10.7(2) and 10.7(5) certificate provides the same information as above but also includes other factors such as advice from other authorities and certain information that Council holds on a property that is relevant to the land but is not disclosed in a Section 10.7(2) certificate.

While the certificate will state all the relevant planning instruments that apply to the property, it does not specify particular development standards or terms of the instruments. If you propose to develop the property, we recommend undertaking thorough research into all of the planning instruments which apply to the land.

A 10.7 Certificate can be obtained by submitting the,  application for certificates form, along with the relevant fee.