Fraud Prevention

Fraud can be defined as “dishonestly obtaining a benefit by deception or other means” Snowy Monaro Regional Council is responsible for administering significant levels of revenue, expenditure and property. These activities involve contact with a broad range of commercial partners, suppliers and the community. Fraud and corruption can have a significant impact on Council’s service delivery, reputation, finances and programs. Council has a zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.  The consequences of fraud have been determined within Council’s  Enterprise  Risk  Management Framework as an unacceptable risk to Council.  Council has developed a comprehensive Fraud Prevention Procedure(PDF, 453KB) covering all potential aspects.

All Councillors, employees, commercial partners and suppliers have a responsibility to report suspected fraud and corruption.  Any person with concerns is strongly encouraged to raise the matter immediately notifying the Chief Executive Officer on 1300 345 345. All reports are kept strictly confidential.