Tendering and the activities of procurement and asset disposal are essential areas of council operations. Economic forces and technological change during recent years have led to organisations spending more and more on the purchase of goods and services and the disposal of property. Snowy Monaro Regional Council is no exception to this general rule.

The development of best practice in tendering is not a simple matter. While the current tendering threshold provided in the Act and Regulation is $150,000, Council will consider whether to conduct a tender process when a lesser amount is involved to ensure that they obtain the best value and integrity.

Management of the tendering process is, or at least should be, an integral component of almost every aspect of the administration of Council. It involves everybody, from councillors and managers to those responsible for on-ground delivery of services.

Purchase and disposal activities using the tendering process for local government, and other government agencies, are governed by strict considerations of probity, transparency and accountability in the expenditure of public funds for public purposes.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council introduced VendorPanel as our new e-Procurement process in May 2017, designed to simplify the way the Council seeks Quotations, releases and responds to Tenders. VendorPanel is a web-based e-Procurement platform used by hundreds of public and private sector organisations to increase transparency and compliance in quotation-based purchasing processes. To read more about VendorPanel click the following link.

Closed Tenders page: https://vendorpanel.com.au/snowymonaro/closedtenders