Tricky Waste Items


Community Recycling Centre

Residents can now drop off the following household problem waste items for FREE all year round at their Community Recycling Centre, helping to minimise our community's impact on the environment.

  • Paint (oil and water based)
  • Gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Fluoro globes and tubes
  • Household and car batteries
  • Motor oils
  • Other oils
  • Smoke detectors

Other items that can be dropped for FREE include:

  • Mobile phones
  • Printing cartridges

Only household quantities of the above materials will be accepted.

As a guide a maximum container of 20 litres or 20 kilograms each of the wastes listed.

For more information please visit Environment Protection Authority 


Cooma Community Recycling Centre

8448 Monaro Highway, Cooma

Phone 02 6452 1105

Mon-Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm / Sat 1pm - 5pm / Sun 11am - 5pm

Closed public holidays

Snowy River Community Recycling Centre

6013 Kosciuszko Road, Jindabyne

Phone 02 6457 1064

Mon-Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm / Sat-Sun 10am - 3pm

Closed public holidays


Community Recycling Stations 

Community Recycling Stations (CRS) are small cabinets generally placed at libraries and council facilities such as community centres, to allow for the convenient and free drop-off of small quantities of common household problem wastes.

What can be dropped off at these stations?

  • Fluoro globes
  • Ink cartridges
  • Household batteries

Council will transport the materials collected to the larger Community Recycling Centre at Cooma Landfill or Jindabyne Landfill.

The small problem waste items will be recycled and/or safely disposed. This improves our recycling rates and keeps potentially hazardous materials from entering our environment.

Community Recycling Stations are located at:

  • Cooma Library Cooma and Berridale Council Offices
  • Bombala Community Centre
  • Jindabyne Mitre 10
  • Michelago Bank of Bins

Household Chemical Problem Waste

Council provides the Snowy Monaro community with Community Recycling Centres and annual Household Chemical CleanOut days for safe disposal of these hazardous problem waste. Click on links for more information on each service.

Only household quantities of the above materials will be accepted. 

As a guide a maximum container of 20 litres or 20 kilograms each of the wastes listed.

Other items that can be dropped at the Jindabyne and Cooma Landfills and Council's administration offices Free of Charge include:

  • Mobile phones 
  • Printing cartridges          
  • Household Batteries
  • E-Waste


Maritime Flares

Roads and Maritime has launched a program to help boaters dispose of expired flares, with mobile collections set up along the NSW coastline.

Flares signal that you are in trouble and provide an exact location for searching aircraft or vessels. Only ignite them when rescuers are in view and can spot your flare.
Most flares have a use-by-date of three years, and penalties apply if they are not replaced before the expiry date. It is the responsibility of marine flare owners to dispose of the expired flares in a safe and timely manner.  

For more information on the schedule and other collection locations across  NSW please visit the RMS website on Flares  or call 13 12 36.



Sharps are objects that are intended for cutting or penetrating the skin, such as:

  • needles
  • syringes with needles
  • intravenous giving sets
  • lancets
  • scalpel blades


What can I do with my sharps? 

Many people rely on needles, lancets or syringes to manage medical conditions and to maintain their own health or that of a family member, sharps equipment is also often used for pet and livestock health.

Correct methods of disposal should be followed for health and safety reasons, the correct disposal of this waste type is obviously very important. 

Sharps must never be placed into any kerbside recycling, garbage or food and garden organics (FOGO) bins. Medical sharps containers can be purchased from pharmacies and disposed of at sited listed below for disposal, free of charge.

Sharps are hazardous to both workers and the public if they make their way into landfills or recycling centres.

NSW Health can assist with Community sharps disposal and users find the most convenient location to dispose of their sharps safely.


How should I handle my sharps?

Generators of sharps should ensure they are stored correctly so that there is no risk of injury to anyone who may come into contact with them.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Sharps should be stored in a puncture-proof Australian Standard sharps container (a yellow sharps container)
  • Sharps containers should be stored in a secure location so children cannot access the container
  • Do not recap your needles before placing them into the sharps container
  • When the sharps waste container is filled to the level indicated by the manufacturer, seal the lid firmly.


Where can I purchase a sharps container?

Medical sharps containers that come in a range of sizes can be purchased from pharmacies or by contacting the local branch of Diabetes Australia.


Regional Sharps Disposal Locations

Bombala Hospital

Wellington Street Bombala


Delegate MultiPurpose Service

15 Craigie Street, Delegate


Cooma Hospital

2A Bent Street, Cooma


Jindabyne Health One building – downstairs carpark

Thredbo Terrace, Jindabyne