Illegal dumping at Cathcart and Delegate Bin Enclosures

Published on 09 May 2022

DIGITAL ONLY - Feb 2022 Contamination_2.jpg

Local waste disposal for rural residents in Cathcart and Delegate remains at risk, as illegal dumping at the respective bin enclosure facilities continues to get worse.

Last week, Council employees visited each site to empty the bins and found assorted waste and building material strewn across the ground at both facilities – with some material being covered in animal faeces.

Not only is this objectively disgusting, but it poses serious health and safety risks for our workers – your fellow community members – when they have to sort through and clean it up.

The costs incurred by Council to continually clean up after the actions of a disrespectful few are directly borne by ratepayers.

If the illegal dumping continues, Council will have no choice but to close the facilities.

Anyone with information on the people committing these illegal acts is encouraged to contact Council at and to make a report through RID Online at


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