Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Did you know?

It is an offence to abandon a shopping trolley - you could be fined!

New rules for Shopping trolleys and share bikes, under the Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Act 2021 and regulations

Why are the new laws necessary? Shopping trolleys, share bikes and other sharing services offer convenient services to members of the public. However, if not managed properly, they can result in dumped or broken items obstructing walkways, dumped in parks and waterways, and impacting the enjoyment of public space

Councils and other public land authorities may notify an operator that a sharing service item is causing an obstruction or safety risk or has been left unattended in one place for too long. Once notified, the sharing service operator must respond and move the item within the following risk-based timeframes:

  • 3 hours if causing an obstruction or safety risk (except after 11pm and before 7am), or
  • 4 days if left in one place for more than 7 days.

If these timeframes are not met, Council may take the unattended item to a place of storage and may issue a fine.

What can you do?

Please return shopping trolleys to trolley bays or back to the store after use.

  • Please report any wayward trolley you see via Trolley Tracker
  • Please reduce  the impact of abandoned trolleys on the environment
  • Report wayward trolleys for a chance to win $1000 monthly

Further information can be found at www.trolleytracker.com.au or free call 1800 641 497