Council Assistance with Grants

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Council has partnered with RDA Southern NSW and ACT (RDASNA) and the surrounding Councils to deliver the Southern Inland Grant Finder.

The Grand Finder (also known as Grant Guru) provides a comprehensive list of grant and funding opportunities available to local businesses, community groups, not-for-profits and individuals. It allows you to filter for opportunities based on your entity type, location, project and create a watch-list so that you don’t miss a grant opportunity again.

Writing Grant Applications

If you need assistance writing a grant application, the Grant Finder has a list of grant writers who service our region. 

Using census information and statistical data can significantly assist with grant funding applications. Information can be found on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website. Some preliminary data based on the 2016 Census has now been released. Please see the link below for QuickStats relating to the Snowy Monaro Regional Council Local Government Area. Information on specific areas such as suburbs, postal codes and Indigenous areas can be found by using the Advanced Search option. 

Further helpful demographic information can be found using the .id tools. These tools use a range of data sources to compile a statistical perspective of the region. Council offers access to these tools, including the Community Profile, Economic Profile, and Social Atlas. These tools can also be used to view information for smaller subset areas. 


Grant Guru

While Council does not have the resources to help identify and seek funding on behalf of community groups and businesses, we encourage the use of Grant Guru.

An online solution that community and business can use by creating an account and identify funds based on their project parameters, while being connected with grant writers (at cost) if they need.

For information click here