Council Charter

Our Charter

The roles and responsibilities of Snowy Monaro Regional Council are set out in the Local Government Act. Specially, Council’s Charter as defined in Section 8 of the Act is:

  • To provide directly or on behalf of other levels of government, after due consultation, adequate, equitable and appropriate services and facilities for the community and to ensure that those services are managed efficiently and effectively
  • To exercise community leadership
  • To exercise its functions with due regard for the cultural and linguistic diversity of its community
  • To properly manage, develop, protect, restore, enhance and conserve the environment of the area for which it is responsible
  • To have regard to the long term and cumulative effects of its decisions
  • To bear in mind that it is the custodian and trustee of public assets and to effectively account for and manage the assets for which it is responsible
  • To facilitate the involvement of Councillors, members of the public, users of facilities & services and Council staff in the development, improvement and co-ordination of Local Government
  • To raise funds for local purpose by the fair imposition of rates, charges and fees, by income earned from investments and, when appropriate, by borrowings and grants
  • To keep the local community and the State Government (and through it, the wider community) informed about its activities
  • To ensure that, in the exercise of its regulatory functions, it acts consistently and without bias, particularly where an activity of Council is affected
  • To be a responsible employer