Saving Water Outdoors

Backyard tap.jpg

Outdoor water use accounts for 25-50% of the average home’s water

Gardens are an area where huge amounts of water are wasted. Examples include leaving sprinkler systems running for unnecessary amounts of time and hosing down pathways instead of sweeping them. It is worth thinking about reducing the amount of water you use on your garden, collecting rainwater for use and recycling greywater. With the use of water-saving technologies and a bit of planning you can have attractive and productive gardens whilst being wise about water.

Garden products approved to use the Smart Approved WaterMark label can help make your watering more efficient such as mulches, soil wetting agents and irrigation controllers. There are also rainwater diverters to capture water to use on the garden and greywater systems to help reuse water around the home.

Pools and washing cars also use a huge amount of water. Explore ways below to cut down your use in these areas too.