Snowy River Shire LEP

Snowy River LEP 2013 

The Snowy River Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 was adopted by the Minister of Planning and Infrastructure on 13 December 2013. The Snowy River LEP 2013 has been prepared in accordance with the State Government’s Standard Instrument LEP and generally transfers the provisions in the current LEPs into the Standard Instrument LEP template. The LEP 2013 includes new standard land use zones and planning controls for a range of issues including (but not limited to) subdivision, heritage, environmental controls, scenic protection and eco-tourism. The Snowy River LEP 2013 also includes new Urban Release Areas in Jindabyne and Berridale that implement parts of the Jindabyne Growth Strategy and the Berridale Village Plan. 

Click on the link below to view the LEP 2013 Maps through the NSW Government website;

LEP 2013 Maps