Planning documents endorsed for public consultation and feedback

Published on 22 November 2022

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Councillors voted last week to endorse a suite of comprehensive planning documents for the Snowy Monaro to be placed on public exhibition. The revised documents will update and unify development and development planning in our region.

Following extensive consultation in 2020 and 2021, Snowy Monaro Regional Council reviewed the feedback from our community in detail. As a result, our teams then re-drafted these important strategic documents and planning instruments following feedback received, Council direction, legislation and government policy.

The strategy and plans endorsed for exhibition at the meeting are:

  • Draft Rural Land Use Strategy
  • Draft Settlements Strategy
  • Draft Comprehensive Snowy Monaro Regional Local Environmental Plan
  • Draft Development Servicing Plans

The consultation is open now for your feedback until 11.59pm Monday 20 February 2023. Visit

As the major revisions to these documents show, what the community tells us during these consultations really does make a difference.

These critically important documents seek to balance the opportunities for growth and development with the protection of our unique scenic landscape and biodiversity values.

Engagement is at the core of what Snowy Monaro Regional Council does. This means that when we ask you to have your say, we listen, and we consider what we hear.

These planning documents are drafts. What we hear from you in this next round of consultation and engagement will meaningfully inform and shape what the final versions of these documents look like.

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