Lake Jindabyne Foreshore

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Banjo Paterson Park

Large sections of the Lake Jindabyne foreshore, including much of Banjo Paterson Park, were submerged under unusually high lake waters between 2021 and 2023. There is widespread damage along the foreshore due to these areas sitting underwater for almost two years.

Many grassy areas were destroyed or severely damaged during this time, along with other plant-life, landscaping and public infrastructure along the foreshore.

Council began removing dead trees from the park in late 2023.

A specialised grass reseeding process was completed in late January 2024, marking a major milestone in the restoration project.

  • Known as hydroseeding, this process involves the spraying of a blended mix of seed, fertiliser, mulch, and tackifier over sectionbs of damaged turf 
  • Hydroseeding aids in the germination of new grasses by helping retain seedbed moisture
  • The process also protects seedlings in the early stages of growth
  • An area of 7200m2 has been successfully hydroseeded
  • Estimated time for new grass to be ready for reopening is four to six weeks
  • Irrigation during this time will ensure section closures are as short as possible
  • Towards the end of the four to six weeks, Council will mow the new turf and assess if closed sections can be reopened

Residents and visitors are asked to please keep out of closed-off sections of newly planted grass. Any damage will extend the period that these sections are closed.

Lake Pathway


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