Council Meetings

Snowy Monaro Regional Council will hold its meetings  on the last Wednesday of each month commencing at 5.30pm.
Council Code of Meeting Practice 

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings. Members wishing to address Council in  Public Forum must requests prior to the Agenda being published.  Please email council@snowymonaro to be included on the agenda.  
The next meeting of Snowy Monaro Regional Council will be  held on Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 5.30pm in Council Chambers, 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma. 

26 July Council Meeting Agenda 

The Meeting Scheduled will rotate between Council Chambers on a monthly basis. 

Meeting Schedule 2017 
22 February - Cooma  29 March - Bombala 
26 April - Berridale  24 May - Cooma*
28 June - Bombala 26 July - Berridale 
30 August - Cooma 
*Council resolution 32/17 amended meeting date for May 2017
Cooma Council Chambers Bombala Council Chambers Berridale Council Chambers
81 Commissioner Street  71 Caveat Street 2 Myack Street
Cooma, NSW 2630 Bombala, NSW 2623  Berridale, NSW 2628