Impounded Items

1. Abandoned motor vehicles 

Rangers investigate and remove abandoned motor vehicles under the Impounding Act 1993. Abandoned or unattended motor vehicles are the source of many calls from local residents. These vehicles utilise on-street parking spaces and become a traffic hazard when burnt out in residential areas. In addition motor vehicles that are stripped or burnt out on Council Reserves and within our bushland areas have an adverse effect on environmentally sensitive areas and may impede the use of Council’s facilities. 


2. Footpath obstructions 

An important part of Rangers' duties is keeping our footpaths and Nature Strips clear, clean and tidy. Council has a duty of care to ensure that pedestrians may use these areas in a safe and orderly manner. Rangers may impound articles such as A-Frame notice boards and displayed goods immediately if they pose a threat or danger to public. Notices may be issued upon offenders to remove these items and other material such as stockpiled goods and refuse from the footpath. 


3. Goods stored on reserves 

The use of Reserves for the storage of goods or materials may cause environmental harm or hazard to the public. The storage of goods, particularly in our bushland environments may add to fuel loads that may place properties at increased risk of fire or may harbour vermin or dangerous reptiles. Rangers investigate these matters and seek the cooperation of residents to remove these goods. Orders may be issued to those who do not cooperate, including Impounding the items and Council may issue penalty notices to the owner. 


4. Abandoned shopping trolleys 

Shopping Trolleys left unattended or abandoned outside shopping centre complexes may pose a hazard to the public as an obstruction on the footpath or roadway causing havoc to motorists and pedestrians. Trolleys that end up in our waterways may cause environmental harm and may lead to localised flooding as they block natural water flows. Rangers work closely with retailers and trolley collector companies to overcome these problems by identifying problem areas, improving trolley collections, educating the public of the problem and impounding trolleys when needed.