Fees and Charges

Fees and charges are included in Council's Suite of Integrated Planning & Reporting (IPR) documents.

Council's Revenue Policy and Schedule of Fees and Charges was adopted on 18 June 2020.

 Financial Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Incorporating Pricing Strategy 

What is best practice?

Whenever possible, Snowy Monaro Regional Council adopts the principles of best practice across the services it provides the community.

By adopting best practice, Council fosters the effective and efficient service delivery to the residents of the Snowy Monaro local government area.

Council uses the following best practice guidelines when setting its fees and charges:

  •  The cost of providing the service
  •  The price recommended for a service by any relevant industry body or in any schedule of charges published, from time to time, by the Office of Local Government.
  •  The importance of the service to the community
  •  Any factors specified in Regulations

Council levies fees and charges in accordance with Section 608 of the Local Government Act 1993. Under the best practice framework, Council adopts a user-pays system for its fees and charges.

Adoption of best practice principles helps Council to submit compelling business cases when seeking much needed grant funding from the state and federal government. 

The success of grant funding applications is bolstered by demonstrating that Council has implemented best practice into its service delivery.