Avenue of Flags

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Description of Work

The Avenue of Flags is an iconic display of the region's multicultural heritage and ongoing reminder of the impact of the Snowy Scheme on Australia's cultural diversity.

The Avenue of Flags celebrates the nationalities of those who participated in the construction of the Snowy Scheme. The Scheme is recognised as having created a new future for multiculturalism in Australia; with tens of thousands of refugee and migrant workers coming together in rugged country to construct what was then the most ambitious engineering project in the world.

The original Avenue, facing Sharp St, contains 28 national flags and was erected in 1959 to mark the 10th anniversary of the commencement of the Scheme's construction. This section of the Avenue displays the national flags as they were in 1959, with some flags representing nations which no longer exist, and others displaying previous national flags which have now been superseded.

An additional section, facing Bombala St, was added as part of the Snowy Scheme 50th Anniversary celebrations. The New Avenue complements the Historic Avenue and enables further countries to celebrate their part in the making of modern Australia. Flags in the new section are sponsored by national communities and associations.

Nations represented in the Avenue of Flags include:

Historic Avenue

Australia  Germany Malta South Africa
 Belgium  Greece  Netherlands  Spain
Canada Hungary New Zealand Sweden
Czechoslovakia Ireland Norway Switzerland
Denmark Italy Pakistan United Kingdom
Finland Latvia Poland USA
France Lebanon Portugal Yugoslavia


New Avenue

Austria China Lithuania Slovenia
Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia Russia Sri Lanka
Bulgaria Estonia Serbia Ukraine

Looking up at some of the flags on Avenue of flags

Location of Art

Centennial Park Cooma


Historic Avenue - 1959

New Avenue - 1999

Primary Materials

Flagpoles, flags, plaques



A shady Avenue of flags