Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee


The Objective of the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee (ARIC) is to provide independent assurance and assistance to Snowy Monaro Regional Council, and indirectly community members, on risk management, the control framework, legislative compliance, internal audit and external accountability responsibilities.


The ARIC acts as an advisory body to the Council and has no executive powers, except those expressly provided by the Council. The responsibilities of Council’s ARIC are contained within the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee Charter(PDF, 491KB), adopted by Council on 19 March 2020 [Council Resolution 49/20].

The ARIC acts as an forum for communication between the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Management, External Audit and Internal Audit. The responsibilities of Council’s Internal Audit Function are contained within the Internal Audit Function Charter(PDF, 571KB).


Council’s ARIC meets at least four times per year. Due to the often confidential nature of the items presented at the meetings, all meetings of the Committee are closed to the public. Minutes of meeting are available in Council Business Papers and in the Minutes section below. 


Councillor member: Cr Summers, alternate Cr Hopkins

Independent members:

  • Michael Quirk (Chair)

  • John Barbeler

  • Kylie McRae

  • Shannon Buckley

  • Andrew Cox

More information
If you have any queries, please contact our Senior Internal Auditor on 1300 345 345.


Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee Minutes