Current Snowy Monaro road closures

Published on 30 November 2023

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Following recent heavy rains and storm activity, Council has closed roads, bridges and crossings affected by this weather for the safety of road users.

Current closures as at 4.30pm Thursday 30 November 2023:

  • Wullwye Creek Causeway on Bobundara Road, Wullwye
  • Lower Ingrams Creek Causeway on Maffra Road, Bobundara
  • Broadview Bridge over Bombala River on Broadview Road, Bibbenluke
  • Wullwye Creek Causeway on the Dalgety side of Rockwell Road
  • Tombong Bridge on Tombong Road, Tombong
  • Snowy River Road/Barry Way closed past the Victorian border

Wet weather and storms create serious hazards for motorists. You can keep you and your family on safe on the road by following a few important steps:

  • Never cross a flooded road
  • Observe all closure signs and barriers
  • Never drive on a closed road or across a closed bridge or water crossing
  • Drive to the conditions: slow down, be alert for hazards, and use your headlights in poor conditions even in daytime

Visit Live Traffic NSW online at – or download the app for Android and Apple – for up-to-date information about road closures, roadworks, and other road incidents in the Snowy Monaro.

Thanks to Council’s participation in the Transport for NSW OneRoad initiative, road conditions in our region are updated in real time, 24/7, on the Live Traffic NSW website and app.

Please contact our team by phone on 1300 345 345 or email us at for more information, or with any questions or concerns.


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