Water and Wastewater Connection

1. What are Section 64 Water and Sewer Charges?

Section 64 of the Local Government Act 1993 enables Council to charge developers to assist with the provision of public facilities and infrastructure.

The reason why Council charges s64 is that development growth will place additional demands and loadings on the water supply, sewerage and stormwater systems. If Council does not charge as development occurs — existing ratepayers will pay through increased rates or borrowing to fund these facilities.

Council charges s64 according to its Development Servicing Plan (DSP) which is produced using the most current asset and financial information. Before a new development connects to Council's system, the s64 charge will be calculated and must be paid according to the current DSP.

2. How much will my Section 64 charges be?

Section 64 charges are determined based on a number of factors including type and size of the development and location of the development. Please contact your local Council branch for current fees. 

Charges are levied at the rate as determined by the charges plan at the time of payment and any quoted but unpaid levies are increased by CPI every three months to ensure levies received meet the current costs of providing the infrastructure.

3. How do I make any required Section 64 charges?

To make Section 64 charges , you need to follow these four steps:

  1. Complete and lodge a Section 64 Compliance Certificate Application form
  2. Note the written notice from Council of charges that need to be paid
  3. Pay your charges
  4. Ensure any infrastructure works required under your DA are completed and inspected

Once these steps are completed your Section 64 Compliance Certificate will be issued. 

If you need help or advice, please ring Council's Engineering and Operations Department on 1300 345 345.

4. Lodging your application

We prefer that you lodge your application personally at your local Council branch. This is because we can check to see that you have completed the form and appropriate required information package and have all the necessary information. Alternatively, you may post your application to PO Box 714 Cooma NSW 2630.