Public area rabbit baiting program

Published on 24 June 2022

Gegedzerick Cemetery

Snowy Monaro Regional Council is announcing that a public area rabbit control program is about to get underway in priority areas across the region.

Rabbit infestations cause significant maintenance and public safety problems throughout the Snowy Monaro, with extensive burrows undermining structures and ground integrity.

This program is part of Council’s maintenance and public safety work. While not done on a regular schedule, Council manages rabbits on its land to keep populations under control when problems begin to develop.

Pindone baiting will be used in combination with a number of other measures, including harbour destruction and fumigation. Pindone baiting is specifically designed for the control of rabbits and is most effective in the winter months when natural plant and grass growth is significantly reduced.

Baiting notification signage will be placed at all sites where Pindone is used.

It is important to note that while all pets should be leashed, this bait which is applied to chopped carrots, poses little risk of poisoning to dogs and cats – either from consumption of the bait itself or from the consumption of a baited rabbit (secondary poisoning).

Locations for this year’s winter control program include:

  • Christ Church Cemetery
  • Cooma Showground (Sheep Pavillion)
  • Gegedzerick Cemetery
  • Moonbah Cemetery

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Council on 1300 345 345 or


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