Administrator Delegation's Meetings

Due to the merger and subsequent transition period council is required to make a number of decisions in accordance with the milestones set by the state government, to this effect Administrator Delegation's meetings are held on a regular basis to approve reports in between Council meetings.

Administrator Delegation's meeting as stated under the Act; are to exercise the functions of the governing body of Council between Council meetings.

These meetings are conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1993, Section 226 dot point (1) or (2). The Minutes of these meetings are published in the Council business paper every month.

2017 Business Papers

2016 Business Papers

The following reports were made public, subject to conditions:

Resolution No. ADA64/17
Report 14.2 - Tender Evaluation and Awards Contract NO. 055-2017 For the Delegate Water Meter Installation Project

Resolution No. ADA65/2017
Report 14.3 - Review of Submissions Received to Undertake Development of Snowy Tourism Strategy